Buy reddit upvotes – why do you need it?

The entire social network reddit is essentially a large forum in which you can create your posts and forums. On the reddit platform, these are called posts and subreddits. Depending on the number of subscribers and the active audience, large subreddits introduce some rules for posting new posts to them. To post on these subreddits you will need a good account that has about 2000 post karma and 100 comment karma.

Satoshistreetbets create post

If the subreddit administrator has not banned everyone from creating posts, you can create a post in any subreddit. So, if you look at the subreddit page, you will see that there are categories. Such as: Hot, New, Rising, Top. After creating a post in a subreddit, if it has passed all moderations, it will definitely appear in the New tab. But in other categories, such as Hot, Rising, Top, in order for him to appear, he needs upvotes or downvotes. Depending on the speed and quality of your upvotes, reddit ranks and shows from top to bottom all the posts that are in this subreddit. That is, to be on top of the list, you need to put high-quality upvotes on the post from the beginning of its existence. The number of upvotes to achieve the first position is always different and here you need to look at the situation. So, in order for you to be in the first places, you need to buy reddit upvotes. The first places in the list attract the attention of other users and they read your post, and it may contain your advertisement or a link to the site.

satishistreetbets top 1 position

Now let’s look at a couple of examples. Let’s say you decide to post about a new cryptocurrency in the SatoshiStreetBets subreddit. Now you see that in the first place is a post with 245 upvotes and a time of 12 hours. In order to be ahead of him, you need to put 250 upvotes on the post with quality accounts faster than he did. It is better to do this immediately after you have created a post and it has been approved. Putting upvotes through our panel – you will be able to observe how your post gradually grows in positions. You can also choose the speed to exactly overtake the one who is currently top 1. You can also order downvotes for this post – thereby lowering its current rating. Sign Up, get free 50 upvotes and try.

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